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We have a new project on our website in the BARNHOUSE style.

Bright, catchy, modern!

Premium quality BARNHOUSE TBH-1150 sold exclusively by TAHOE TIMBER HOME. The frame is made of the most modern wood material today - glued beams (Glulam), species - Siberian pine. Roofing and side wall sheathing - seam roof and facade made of sheet iron with high quality polymer coating. Finishing of the front facades - planken from Siberian larch. lazing of a large area of facades blurs the line between the interior space and the surrounding nature.


  • Design: BARNHOUSE

  • Floors: 1

  • Gross area: 1,150 sq ft

  • Net area: 930 sq ft

  • Terrace: 220 sq ft

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • Bathrooms: 1

The model’s cost-effective floor plan can meet a host of daily needs and the spacious hallway is very practical for families with children and pets. The kitchen, dining area and living room are located in a fresh, open space bathed in the light from the large windows. BARNHOUSE TBH-1150 thoughtfully planned layout and easy construction make it an ideal first home for a young couple.

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