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CONDO by Tahoe Timber Home – A Space of Inspiration and Modern Comfort

CONDO Concept:

Tahoe Timber Home presents CONDO – an ideal example of multi-family housing were modern technology and design merge with comfort and eco-friendliness. These multi-unit buildings offer a unique combination of cozy living spaces and progressive architectural solutions.

Features of CONDO:

Multi-Unit Building: Innovative layouts suitable for modern families, young professionals, and anyone who values quality and style.
Modern Design: Clean lines and combining natural and contemporary materials create an exclusive exterior and interior appearance.
Ecological Approach: Using environmentally friendly materials and technologies ensures a low environmental impact and reduces operational costs.
Convenience and Comfort: Thoughtful layouts, abundant light, and space contribute to an atmosphere of true home coziness.
With Tahoe Timber Home, You Can:

Choose from various layouts to find the perfect dwelling for your needs.
Implement individual design solutions to your personal preferences and lifestyle.
Acquire not just an apartment but a lifestyle that will delight you daily.
Ideal Choice For:

Those seeking a combination of style, comfort, and eco-friendliness in an urban environment.
Families desiring to live in a spacious and well-organized residential complex.
Investors aim for real estate investments with a high potential for value growth.
CONDO by Tahoe Timber Home is your chance to become part of a unique living space where every day promises to be vibrant and fulfilling, and innovative solutions serve your comfort and safety.




Gross area:

Net area:




Garage spots:



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